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9 Steps To Land Subdivision in Kenya.

Look for any restrictions present on the land by carrying out a title deed search. This helps find out any encumbrances, restrictions against the land. 

Land subdivision is basically having one large piece of land usually with a single title deed and dividing it uniformly into smaller parcels which will have their own individual title deeds. 

There are many reasons for land subdivision 

1. Resale – to make a profit 

2. Inheritance – As a gift to relatives etc

3. For development – For instance if you have 20 acres, you could sell 10 acres and get funds to develop the other 10 acres. 

To subdivide land you need 8 requirements;

1. Proof of title search 

2. Permission for subdivision from lands control board 

3. PPA1 form from county offices; to be filled in 3 copies

4. Plan showing how it is going to be subdivided, showing disposal how waste disposal will be handed, showing disposal of surface water.

5. Planning brief- supposed to be signed by a physical planner

6. Its title deed

7. Well-drawn location map of the property 

8. Proof of payment of all above including the application forms and also the prevailing rates

The whole cost of land subdivision varies depending on size of land and the location. 

9 Step-by-step Procedure of Land Subdivision in Kenya.

1. Look for any restrictions present on the land by carrying out a title deed search. This helps find out any encumbrances, restrictions against the land. 

2. Valuate the market – In case you’re going to sell, find out whether you will make a profit compared to how much you bought it for. 

3. Before you fill subdivision form – visit your local planning offices to find out of any restrictions on the land intended for subdivision. 

4. Choosing a physical planner – Physical planners fraternity is registered by Kenya Institute of Planners. He/She will help you come up with a subdivision plan and help you determine additional utilities e.g. roads, amenities etc.

5. Choosing a surveyor 

He/She will help you identify property boundaries, location flooding areas and advise on best way to do your land subdivision. 

6. Sit down with your surveyor and your planner and draw map of of how subdivision will take place and tell them into what sizes you want your it subdivided into.

7. Submitting your applications which include 3 steps;

a) Filling PPA1 form

b) Paying the application fee

c) Presenting all necessary documents e.g. payment receipts and copy of title deed for subdivision. 

8. Waiting to receive the response. The waiting period depends on planning board of the area where your land is.  

9. Applying for new individual title deeds for the subdivided pieces.

Land Ineligible For Subdivision 

1. Land with encumbrances e.g. is being put up as collateral for a loan.

2. Property with a caveat that prevent any action on a property. 

3. Property with a court case that hasn’t been resolved. 

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