Do you Know the Types of Title Deeds in Kenya Right Now?

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Are you planning on buying a piece of land to build your dream home? Well, when buying land here in Kenya, your ownership is not automatic just by your full payment for the land.

Ideally, paying for the property in full is only part of the whole process; however, to become a legal owner of the land, you need a special document known as a Title Deed.

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A title deed is a signed agreement that proves ownership of land and legal rights to it. There exist different types of title deeds as per the various types of Land Acts that have been in existence.

After Land Registration Act, 2012 was enacted; we now have the following types of Title deeds in Kenya after consolidation of several titles into the certificate of title:

Types of Title Deeds

As of this writing, we have three types of Title deeds in Kenya as follows;

  1. Certificate of Lease
  2. Absolute Title deed
  3. Sectional Title deed

Absolute Title Deeds.

This type of Title deed is also known as Freehold Title. A Freehold title is where the landowner has the maximum rights to the land without any time period or any other restrictions. Nevertheless, once you have this type of Title Deed, the land is yours and has no conditions on ownership.

Certificate of Lease.

This is a title under the Registered Lands Act Cap 300 (repealed) for leasehold land.

This Title deed is also known as Leasehold Titles. Leasehold land is one where ownership of the land is subject to a definite period (maximum being 99 years). Other instances the maximum period is 999 years.

The lessee (occupant) holds rights to land for a specific period subject to conditions imposed on land rights by the lessor (landowner).

The period can be 33, 50, 66, or 99 years for all urban plots. Most areas in Nairobi County fall under this Lease Hold Titles.

Sectional Title Deed.

A developer issues a sectional Title deed is to a prospect to prove ownership for a unit within a building. Therefore, when buying a house in an apartment or a flat for example, the owners issues buyer with a sectional title deed as proof of ownership.

It emanates from the Sectional Properties Act of 1987 and the title will be registered under the Registered Lands Act Cap 300.

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